LOCAL Beara Honey

about 'Honbey'

Honey is a 100% natural product that does not need any processing. It contains sugars and polen.

Most honey in big shops is not honey. For it contains no polen. These have been filtered out to mask it’s origin.

There is tremendous difference in quality between Beekeepers honey and “honeys” that are sold in large quantities in trade and department stores.
People sometimes ask why our honey is more expensive then department store honey.

This article describes how that “works”

That page describes the situation in the USA as to what honey means in general.

The situation in the EU is not much better. EU product regulations specify that honey should at least have 65% honey in it!! What is the rest I wonder?.

Enjoy our honey that has 100% of honey from our own local bees in it. Not heated, no addition of other sugars or anything else, not ultra filtered and it contains polen of all the plants in our beautiful environment here in the unspoilt south-west of Ireland on the Beara peninsula. And it contains all the beneficial enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and protein that are totally absent in there processed “honeys” because of heating and ultra filtration.