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WWOOF is "World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms"
WWwOOF Ireland is a voluntary, educational exchange based on trust. By becoming members, volunteers from all over the world can arrange placements with host farms in Ireland (including Northern Ireland) to learn about organic growing and sustainable lifestyles. WWOOF Ireland recognises the importance of volunteers and follow best practice guidelines in volunteer management set by Volunteer Ireland.
The aims of WWOOF
  • To enable people to learn about organic growing techniques.
  • To enable people to learn about sustainable living, healthier life styles and alternative ways of life.
  • To provide opportunities to learn about life and culture by living with families in countries around the world.
  • To give practical assistance to producers of organic food.
  • To give people a chance to meet, talk, learn and exchange views with others in the organic movement.
WWOOFing in Ireland
WWOOF hosts in Ireland follow organic principles and have a general ethic of respect for the environment. Many have simple, sustainable lifestyles and practise Permaculture, Bio-dynamic or other organic methods. They may be individuals, families, commercial producers, co-operatives or communities including centres for yoga, crafts, arts or spiritual pursuits sharing the WWOOF ethos.

Opportunities on Beara Honey farm:
We operate a small honey farm on organic principles. Two apiaries and about 15 colonies. You can learn how to keep bees from entry level to sophisticated management. Protective clothing avaiable. We use the buckfast bee, a generally docile species.
If you want to learn about beekeeping you should take a long stay to experience all the cycles that a hive goes through culminating in a the honey harvest.
We do not accept stays under 4 weeks for this reason. Your best experience in learning how to keep bees is if you can stay for two months.
We have opportunities to stay and learn from April. Please write us a personal letter to apply and let us know your motivation for learning beekeeping.
We also operate an organic vegetable garden and Help is needed with planting from February and general garden work throughout the year.
We have fishing and pleasure boats that we use in summer.
We have chicken and a German Shepard who is a dote.
When we have help from Wwoofers we can spend more time in our ceramic art and music studios. You are welcome to join in!
Site type 
House with land
Organic status 
Organic - not certified
Room in house
Food menu 
Smoking allowed? 
Only outside
When are WWOOFers wanted? 
April till November generally
Families welcomed? 

Comfortable accommodation with hot & cold water and shower. You are part of the family and expected to partake in all our activities.
You are expected to provide help for 4-6 hours a day.
Only wwoofers with a good command of English please!
We only have accommodation for ONE person at a time, so unfortunately no couples or friends.


Lia and Jouke did everything to make me feel comfortable. They shared a lot with me and I feel so glad for all the things they teached me. I spent an amazing time with them between the bees, the sea adventures, the garden and the art experience with Lia. This place is so so nice, I will definitely keep in touch with the dutch.
Laura Dimachkie, 15 Jun 2018

Better Late than never ! Thanks to you. I learn some new things. Jouke is definitly a cooking chef ! Thanks for the interesting discussions. It was a pleasure to stay in this beautiful place with you.
Cedric, 9 Dec 2017

I lived during 3 months in this House. It's a very nice family and interesting. The work in the bees is very interesting and the garden is very nice. If you want to be find calm and learn new skills, it's a good place. It's a very wild area and you can find lots of activities and you are guest for all activities with this family. The hitchhikking works very good and you have the opportunities to move... you're very isolate. It was a very good period.Good Bye Lya and Jouke ! See you soon.
Benoit , 6 Jun 2017

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