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Don't take only my word for it:

Here is what Suzanne had to say about this site and the work that Michal does:

I spoke with you some time ago ( *address no longer in use*) hoping that you may advise me on your experiences with Dental Team.
I really just wanted to get back to you with some feedback, I did indeed travel to Poland to undergo treatment and I am delighted with the results, you may recall I was worried following a bad experience I had previously, when I traveled for treatment to Budapest, however I found Dr Michal to be very understanding and sympathetic to both the condition of my teeth and optimistic of the results I was hoping to achieve, the trip itself took two separate journeys, with the second being in late November - and now that Xmass and New Year have allowed things to return to normality, I was keen to drop you a line.
Thank you so much for your frank account of your trip and treatment to Szczecin, the fact that previous patients choose to do so, left me in no doubt this he could offer me the solution that I craved. So, I guess its thanks to you - that I took the plunge - you have no idea, just how much I appreciate that.

Thanks Suzanne, it's my pleasure!

Peter: I am very satisfied with the major restoration that Michal undertook of my teeth and molars. I am a very critical person but was truly happy with the results that Michal achieved.
I was impressed with Michal's skills and the sense of purpose that he displayed. Also he is very easy to get along with.

Johnny: I am most happy I decided to go to Poland for dental treatment and choose Michal Wiklinski. I am so happy that since many of my friends and relations have gone to Michal, only to return as happy as I am.

John: I am very happy with total restoration of my teeth by Michal!