Welcome to my site on my experience with Lasik surgery!
We live in Ireland and our son Jouke Anne needed correction of his vision. This site describes how we went about it and what the outcome of it was.

Jouke Anne had been wearing glasses for 13 years since he was 9 years old

He tried using contact lenses but was unable to keep them in. He has very sensitive eyes and could not manage the irritation of the lenses. His profession of outdoor instructor diminished his benefit of prescription lenses because of rain and wind.

So we had to consider Laser surgery.
There are several Laser clinics in Ireland. They charge between 4000 and 6000 Euro for this procedure. Moreover, when we submitted questionnaires with pertinent questions pertaining to their procedures and their results, NONE of them answered our questions, which did nothing to build our confidence in their services and ability. What can you expect of their performance and warranty if they do not perform satisfactory in the sales cycle?
Not one doctor responded directly, only office personnel.
I was disappointed by the aloof, arrogant and lazy responses I got to my well researched questionnaire.

Having some experience with medical tourism (see www.beara.org/dental ) I set out to research the possibility to get better, more satisfying service elsewhere. I was looking for a country with a good eye surgery infrastructure, a clinic with the latest laser technology and of substantial size. Also for them to be very good communicators and transparent.
Although we are very satisfied with our Polish dental services I found that Poland does not have a rich Eye surgery infrastructure at present. It proved that India is one of the few countries that do have this, so I focused my research on India.

Have a look at the other pages to learn about our experience with Indian eye care and hospitality.